Paintings 2012:  Women's Function
zhenguoart_20190807070019.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070018.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070017.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070016.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070015.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070014.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070013.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070012.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070011.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070010.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070009.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070008.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070007.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070006.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070005.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070004.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070003.jpg zhenguoart_20190807070002.jpg
I believe opportunities for women and men should be equal.  Many traditional cultures proscribe rules for women -- rules to keep women subservient to men and control their daily functions and their opportunities.  These paintings show sections from the "Niuerjing," the Chinese book of rules for women, and the figures of the women tortured and twisted by the unnatural controls.  Women must rise above this and become who they are and can be.