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Curatorís Statement

In 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic has pushed us to a new situation. It seems that everything has changed. In the field of art, and the online art exhibition form that is separated from the physical entity is the inevitable new normal, and provides interaction in a free, equal, and open public opinion space on the network

This "international feminist art online continuous solo exhibition" was born under such circumstances. It originated from someone on Facebook who invited female artists to publish their works. I therefore considered that marginalized feminist art needs more understanding, support and dissemination, so I planned this online continuous solo invitational exhibition. I seek feminist artists of Chinese descent from all over the world. Each invited artist provides an essay and a piece of work every day, together with 3-9 detailed pictures, for 5 consecutive days. The main purpose is to promote and support the continuous influence of feminist art. Participating artists can reach out to each other to show appreciation and support.

These female artists come from different places and different families. Their lives have different experiences and different perceptions, but they all have knowledge and understanding of common womenís social issues. They are all running on the same road, looking for themselves, looking for women's rights, equality and freedom.